is an online employee portal designed for employees and other associates only who are responsible for Kroger company. It allows the employees to access various kinds of articles and other information online.

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The main motive of inventing Great People strives to enhancing the internal communication among all employees. This online portal will be very helpful for organization to achieve certain goals very effectively and efficiently. Including Kroger company employees and other associates, other employees who are working at different brands of Kroger will also be allowed to access 

The brands which are sponsored by Kroger company included Ralph's, Food4Less, Kroger Personal Finance, Fred Meyer Jewelers, Scott's, Baker's, etc. Kroger GreatPeople is offering a wide range of information for employees subsuming schedules, planned events, information relevant to salary pay stubs, etc. 

In addition to these, registered employees and other associates will get to know updated information about news articles, allows to check out payoff, holidays, and other related information.

Steps to Log into Kroger's Portal

To access Kroger's GreatPeople online portal, employees and other associates need to follow below steps as follows:
  • As a primary step, you're required to launch your browser application and enter a valid website address or URL
  • Now, you will need to log into the account. 
  • To log into the portal, enter the user details like user id or enterprise user id and password on respective fields. 
  • After that, click on sign in button which automatically logged into the Great People which can help you to access the information including schedules, payoff, holidays, news articles, etc. 

The enterprise id or user id referred that you should normally use at your workplace. The password is a credential that you've created yourself while registering an account. If you want to create or change the password, you can click on the "forgot password" on

Once you've clicked on that link, a pop up window will be appeared on the web page where you can enter your enterprise id and answer for a few security questions before being allowed to create or reset a password for . 

Benefits of

We online portal allows the employees access the information with links and options headed with self-explanatory titles. Any of the employee or associate of Kroger's company can able to access links to get certain information about a particular topic.

They can also gain other benefits like finding out their work schedules and information relevant to salary payments. This online portal is very user-friendly and easy to use. essentially implemented to keep the employees aware about updated innovations in the company. It helps the employees to communicate among all employees who working at the organization.


Kroger's online portal is very user friendly and easier to access the information by registered employees. It is an useful platform in communicating with the employees and associates of the group. It provides work related information to employees so that they can keep updated about what are the activities happened or will be incorporated in the company.